Like the cowboys of the Old West, out on the trail for days at a time, my band and I were always in and out of the late night dives, truck stops and little roadside mom & pop shops and always looking for a new favorite. After traveling hundreds of thousands of miles and spending years of never being completely satisfied with what the man is pushing, we decided to just create our own that is everything that we have ever looked for in great jerky.

Unlike many brands, BackRoad Beef Jerky is NOT processed into a pulp, then rubberized back into the shape of beef with the taste as fake as the processing. BackRoad Jerky IS hand cut from Ribeye steak, tender and moist with flavors that hit the spot every time. Get yourself a bag or two for your next road trip or as a snack around the office. We've got the best Beef Jerky on the market and we know that if you give it a try, you'll agree.

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